About Us


Our Story:

Climate Aware was founded in 2015 by Alexander Greene during his senior year of study at The College of William & Mary as a student of Geology. Compelled by the call for a more inclusive approach that was not being addressed by the scientific community, Climate Aware opens the doorway to all concerned citizens to gain up to date information quickly through easy, go-to tools about the exponential age we live in.

Climate Aware incorporates the enthusiasm of young minds with the expertise of seasoned professionals to stimulate discussion about the sciences. Not only is Climate Aware an outlet for the latest environmental stories, important studies, and the pointer to other research, but it’s also a meeting place for likeminded people. Climate Aware receives submissions from a variety of organizations and contributing writers and producers across all branches and fields as a border crossover among the various disciplines. Exposing the underlying interconnectivity of all things, Climate Aware places value and importance to the process of establishing impactful relationships. With a strict adherence for setting the example by showcasing objective, unbiased logical applications with consideration for the many facets of human affairs— from political and economic platforms to behavioral and religious campaigns and ideologies that ultimately direct the will and behavior of individual and government decision making— Climate Aware delivers Science with total transparency so that the original message is neither tainted nor lost in the translation.

Our Vision:

Climate Aware is driven by the idea of scientific literacy through education and communication. We focus on providing accurate and factual journalism, as well as delivering scientific data in a digestible format for the common audience. We strive to explain concepts ranging from the Earth Sciences and climatology to planetary sciences, chemistry, math and more. Our vision is to eliminate scientific mistrust and help our audience understand the importance of the scientific method while enlightening those who may not fully understand the effects of anthropogenically driven climate change.

Climate Aware practices one philosophy: collaboration, the golden key for unlocking new possibilities by tapping into the collective potential of all people. As natural problem solvers, everyone can contribute to society by staying better informed. Climate Aware is the host for broader understanding about global climate change and other environmental issues. Through gainful and dynamic applications, Climate Aware seeks to widen the scopes and perspectives which help offer a new sense of purpose whenever more people learn about the many causes threatening our civilization and all other lifeforms sharing Earth’s biosphere.

Our Team:

Alexander Greene


Alexander is the creator, and founder of Climate Aware. His vision of global sustainability and climate awareness is fueled by a deep passion for the Earth Sciences, a passion that was no doubt cultivated at an early age and expressed eagerly throughout his childhood. Alexander is originally from the small town of Gloucester County, Virginia, a place abundant in history and on the front of climate change. Alexander is a proud first generation student and attended the historical College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he received a Bachelors of Science in Geology. Early in his studies Alexander recognized a clear disconnect between the sciences and general public. The clearly defined communication barrier spurred the creation of Climate Aware in late 2015 and initiated a personal endeavor to help people better understand the current state of our climate. Currently, Alexander resides in Virginia and works professionally as a geologist specializing in paleosiesmology and geotechnical consulting for a Los Angeles based firm.

Gina Sawaya


Gina Sawaya is an editor and contributor to Climate Aware. She has had a lifelong interest in climate change and mitigating its impacts. She currently works as a Science Communication Specialist for Green Fin Studio, a company that works on marketing and communications for environmental groups. Gina currently lives in southern California but grew up outside of Boston, and most recently lived in Virginia where she graduated from The College of William and Mary with degrees in Biology and Environmental Science. She is excited to continue her career in the environmental sciences and science communication.


Mihiretu M. Kebede


Mihiretu Kebede is a PhD candidate at the University of Bremen and a research fellow at the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology in Germany. Mihiretu is working on Public Health research. Having qualifications in laboratory medicine, public health, health informatics and global health, he has accumulated a diverse background and professional experiences. He has a strong practical and methodological background with significant experiences in global health, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and health systems research. With his research, he has developed excellent data science and analytical thinking skills. He authored more than 25 articles published in international peer-reviewed journals. Mihiretu envisions to live as a global citizen and has a passion for humanity, nature and conserving its natural identity. He sees climate change as a major global health threat and a significant danger to the survival of every living organism. He aspires to contribute to understanding the impact of climate change on human health. Mihiretu is married and has two children.

Andria Greene


Andi is a Masters student funded by the National Science Foundation to study the fate of nitrogen in subsurface of the agriculturally dominated Elkhorn Slough watershed, California. She is particularly interested in the influence of hydrology on biogeochemical processes taking place in wetland soils. For example, the removal of soluble nitrogen to di-nitrogen gas (i.e. denitrification), which makes up 78% of the air we breathe. After discovering #scicomm, Andi realized the need for effective communication in the face of a rapidly changing climate. Being a first generation student, and of Mexican descent, Andi uses her opinion section “The Undisclosed Journal of Academia” to shed light on life in academia outside of the peer review. Andi brings tough subjects to the table, while giving readers a glimpse into the incredible career that is academia.

 Ronnakrit Rattanasriampaipong


Ronnakrit (Ronnie) achieved his BSc in Geology (2013) from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand where developed a deep passion for earth sciences. He spent another 5 years (including completing his MSc in the Petroleum industry (2016)) hunting for oil and natural gas (as a petrologist) in the Gulf of Thailand. He enjoyed tackling various kinds of geologic problems from his assignments as a petrologist. However, he realized that working in front of a computer and generating more carbon emissions were not what he always wanted to do. He always wanted to transform his geological understandings into valuable assets to the public. In the end, he quit his job at the age of 28, and came to the U.S. as a Fulbright Thai scholar to pursue his Ph.D. in Oceanography. His research interests are broadly centered around Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography, especially during the last 65 million years (Cenozoic Era). Currently, he is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Oceanography, Texas A&M University. Besides research, one of his missions during his Fulbright journey is to advocate climate concerns to the general public. 

Nathaneil McDougal


Nathaneil is an editor and moderator for Climate Aware. He is a passionate advocate of sustainability, animal rights, and social justice, and considers the current environmental issues to be some of the biggest problems humanity has ever faced. Climate change is negatively impacting the whole world, and it needs a solution that is equal in scale. It is for that reason that he joined with Climate Aware, so that he can help others learn about the issues and how they can be solved. As daunting as the task ahead looks, Nathaneil remains confident that if enough people collaborate on the big issues, there can be real change that steers humanity away from its current path of destruction. Nathaneil is originally from Portland, Oregon, United States, a region world renowned for environmentalism and natural areas. This helped him develop his values and and instilled in him a deep love of nature. Nathaneil is currently in Budapest, Hungary, where he volunteers with several international organizations working to enact positive change in the world.

Ron Forth


Ron is a semi-retired Mechanical Engineer with 35 years experience in the oil and gas industry in Canada, which should not be held against him.  His interests include coming up with practical new ideas to address energy and climate issues. In addition, his interests include science, particularly astronomy and cosmology, creative writing, economics and politics, fly fishing, history, travel, and figuring out how to work the guitar. Coming from the oil and gas industry, Ron has long observed its general operation, and has been an advocate of the industry changing focus to energy in general, and practical ways of providing the energy that our civilization cannot do without in environmentally friendly ways.  Also looking to change the way society is structured to consume energy more efficiently. Goals with respect to Climate Aware are primarily linking new ideas, smart people, and funding to conduct basic research and development of advanced wind, tidal, geothermal, and public transit concepts to determine their viability.