About Us


Climate Aware was founded in 2015 by Alexander Greene during his senior year of study at The College of William & Mary as a student of Geology. Compelled by the call for a more inclusive approach that was not being addressed by the scientific community, Climate Aware opens the doorway to all concerned citizens to gain up to date information quickly through easy, go-to tools about the exponential age we live in.

Climate Aware incorporates the enthusiasm of young minds with the expertise of seasoned professionals to stimulate discussion about the sciences. Not only is Climate Aware an outlet for the latest environmental stories, important studies, and the pointer to other research, but it’s also a meeting place for likeminded people. Climate Aware receives submissions from a variety of organizations and contributing writers and producers across all branches and fields as a border crossover among the various disciplines. Exposing the underlying interconnectivity of all things, Climate Aware places value and importance to the process of establishing impactful relationships. With a strict adherence for setting the example by showcasing objective, unbiased logical applications with consideration for the many facets of human affairs— from political and economic platforms to behavioral and religious campaigns and ideologies that ultimately direct the will and behavior of individual and government decision making— Climate Aware delivers Science with total transparency so that the original message is neither tainted nor lost in the translation.


Our Team:

Alexander Greene

Founder/Director, Director of Operations and Finance

Alexander is the founder and a Director of Climate Aware. His vision of global sustainability and climate awareness is fueled by a deep passion for the Earth Sciences, a passion that was no doubt cultivated at an early age and expressed eagerly throughout his childhood. Alexander is originally from the small town of Gloucester County, Virginia, a place abundant in history and on the front of climate change. Alexander is a proud first generation student and attended the historical College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he received a Bachelors of Science in Geology. Early in his studies Alexander recognized a clear disconnect between the sciences and general public. The clearly defined communication barrier spurred the creation of Climate Aware in late 2015 and initiated a personal endeavor to help people better understand the current state of our climate crisis. Currently, Alexander resides in Virginia and works professionally as a geologist specializing in paleosiesmology, seismic hazard analysis, and geotechnical consulting for a Los Angeles based firm.

Andria “Andi” Greene

Director, Director of Research and Student Affairs

Andi is a marsh-mud scientist and lecturer at California State University, Monterey Bay.  She also happens to be Alexander’s little sister, and by default, acts as Climate Aware’s “boots on the ground.” Andi hopes to recruit, train, and retain women and people of color in the sciences through hands-on experiential learning in the field. When she isn’t teaching, Andi will be working to obtain funding for Climate Aware’s mission in outreach and research. She will use community-based engagement to foster the next generation of scientists and science literate policy makers whose work may impact local to international scales. Andi also enjoys mentoring students and helping young scientists navigate academia and the workforce post-graduation. Learn more about Andi at andigreene.com.


Dr. Nicole Foster

Director, Director of Research and Communication

Hailing from the land down under, Nicole is a passionate environmental scientist with expertise in environmental DNA methods for monitoring our natural environment. She completed both her undergraduate and PhD at the University of Adelaide, Australia. Nicole has a special interest in marine environments and is particularly invested in seagrass health and longevity. She has a desire to foster collaborative and interdisciplinary science between her peers but also encourage younger generations to become invested in protecting the natural world. She currently resides in South Australia but is hoping the pursuit of environmental research and desire to make change will take her all over the world. Learn more about Nicole at into-the-ocean.com