Catch the Hatch: Adventure in the Golden Trout Wilderness (pt.1)

Let me start by admitting I am a novice fly fisherman. I don’t know all of the terminology, the names of fish, what they look like, what type of fly to throw, or even how to tie all of the knots, but there is one thing I do know; I love fly fishing. I was … Continue reading Catch the Hatch: Adventure in the Golden Trout Wilderness (pt.1)

June Gloom

If you live in Southern California, you’re familiar with the overcast skies and cool days associated with late spring and early summer. But for those of you unfamiliar with terms like “June gloom”, “May gray”, “no-sky July”, and my personal favorite – “Fogust”- let me welcome you to the least happy time of the year … Continue reading June Gloom


Hurricane Mathew, located just off shore of South Carolina as of Oct. 8, 8 am EDT. (NASA, 2016)  Hurricane Mathew As Hurricane Mathew made headlines and moved slowly from the northern coast of Venezuala along the east coast of the United States, many people witnessed the extreme forces brought about by Hurricane Mathew. Sadly, not … Continue reading Hurricane?!?