Climate Science not Climate Silence

Facebook has recently decided to remove the page for Climate Aware, likely due to someone flagging the page to stop us from doing our work. On the page, one could easily find credible links to NASA, Science Magazine, Nature, along with others, and of course articles written by us.  The page has also experience some excessive growth in the past week (over 200 new followers and likes, thanks everyone!) and I’m sure that activity was also a trigger for moderators to take a look at the page.  Almost instantly without any warning or notice the page was deleted while I was in the middle of working on it.  

Demanding Change

In light of the blatant silencing of what we do here at Climate Aware, a new idea has come to mind. This will be the start of a new movement hosted by yours truly, and we are calling it #ClimateSciencenotClimateSilence.

In a world where scientists are attacked for doing their jobs, journalists are mocked for reporting the truth, and professionals are delegitimized by politicians who are ignorant to the subjects at hand, it’s truly time to take a stand.  That is why we are encouraging all who support the freedom of information and the health and continued viability of our home to use this hashtag every day until it gains enough traction to make the changes that are necessary to protect the Earth for future generations to come. 

What we want is to make the voice of science heard loud and clear. Science should not be directly targeted because it’s results interfere with the monetization of our natural resources. Science funding should not be cut by politicians who can’t understand the basics and are bought out and influenced by corporations. This is OUR home, and we have the right to live in clean, safe, and sustainable environments. 

In the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson, “The good thing about science is that it is true whether or not you believe in it.” Despite the constant barrage of ignorance and unwillingness to learn, science still prevails. The laws of the universe continue to work even if you can’t understand them. 

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