September 20, 2019: A Global Climate Strike For All

Friday, September 20, 2019 kicks off a week-long call for global climate action just before the U.N. Summit on Climate Change begins in New York City. This intergenerational movement is unlike any other, mobilizing millions of concerned citizens of Earth. It is an amalgamation of science and action to demonstrate the need for political and cultural change to tackle the most pressing issue of our lives.

Where Can I join?

Strikes and rallies are being held in over 130 countries with thousands of cities and local communities setting the stage for activism. Check out the map below from to find an event near you!

What can I do?

Unfortunately, if you are like many people bound by capitalism, joining a strike may not be feasible.  But striking is not the only way you can show your support for science and the future of our planet. These events are just the catalysts of change and living proof that if we unite in action for a common goal, we can achieve remarkable things.

Every one of us must be involved in making conscious decisions to modify how we live our daily lives, embracing a future that is sustainable. Whether this means packing your own grocery bags when you go shopping, reusing containers, or even picking up wind-blown trash along a street side, every small action truly makes a difference. Actively choosing to capitalize on opportunities to affect positive change will always provide long term returns and continued prosperity of our only home.