Below is a collection of free downloads to help you on your scientific journey. Click on any link below to be directed to the respective website.

  1. Google Earth Pro – Provides a way to explore our planet through satellite and roadside imagery.
  2. Stereonet 11 – An easy way to visualize collected geologic structural measurements.
  3. Simple DEM Viewer – Use digital elevation map data to prepare shaded relief maps, panorama’s, bird’s eye view, mercator projections and more.
  4. GeoMap App – A bathymetric and topographic visualization tool that allows the user to explore the surface of the earth.
  5. MolView – An online interactive molecular viewing and modeling tool.
  6. Physion – A 2D physics simulation software that can be used to create a wide range of experiments.
  7. Interactive Periodic Table – An interactive periodic table of the elements.
  8. ACD Chemsketch 12 – A chemical drawing and graphics program, that allows the user to understand molecular bonding and properties.