Flyover Country

This mobile app allows you to track your flight in real time, and study what’s beneath you using offline maps and points of interest.


Google Earth Pro

Get google Earth Pro, FREE, with a valid Email address and Licensing Key: GEPFREE


Stereonet 9

Are you a structural geologist? Do you need to map out your measurements? Stereonet 9 is just for you! Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.



Simple DEM Viewer

Simple DEM viewer (for Mac) allows you to use digital elevation map data to draw shaded relief maps, panorama’s, bird’s eye view, mercator projections and more.


Geo Map App

Geo Map App is a bathymetric, and topographic visualization tool, that allows the user to explore the surface of the earth and sea floor with data that is exceptionally high resolution.



MolView is an online interactive molecular viewing and modeling tool. It’s built around Javascript enabling support in most browsers. Having trouble visualizing molecules? Enjoy the 2D and 3D modeling.


GeneStudio, Inc.

Gene Studio develops free software for molecular biologists, and they have recently made all of their programs FREE.



Physion is a FREE 2D physics simulation software that can be used to create a wide range of experiments for the educator and the student. It also allows the user to execute their own scripts/functions, doubling as an introductory tool for programing.


ptable-logoInteractive Periodic Table

While not exactly an app, or a download, this webpage features an interactive periodic table of the elements and is extremely useful for the beginner or seasoned chemist.


ACD Chemsketch 12

ACD Chemsketch 12 is a chemical drawing and graphics freeware, that allows the user to understand molecular bonding and properties.