Goodbye Paris, Hello America

The Back Seat As we all know by now, on Thursday June 1st, Donald Trump announced that the United States would be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord and re-negotiating the terms set by his predecessor to curb U.S. carbon emissions. Supporters of Trump’s decision maintain that it abides by Trump’s nationalistic ideology of “America … Continue reading Goodbye Paris, Hello America

We’re Not Going Back

In January of last year (2016) atmospheric CO2 levels finally reached 400 ppm. This was not the first time that we’ve reached this threshold, as we watched our measuring stations flirt with 400 since about 2013. However, for the first time in human history we’ve reached 400 ppm and we’re not going back…at least not … Continue reading We’re Not Going Back

Humanity Reconsidered

Why is it our duty to continue the conversation of climate change? The simple answer: to save humanity. Humans rely solely on the Earths processes, as do all other biotic organisms. We have reached a point of understanding of these processes, yet refuse to respect their intrinsic importance. The Anthropocene is a direct result of … Continue reading Humanity Reconsidered


Hurricane Mathew, located just off shore of South Carolina as of Oct. 8, 8 am EDT. (NASA, 2016)  Hurricane Mathew As Hurricane Mathew made headlines and moved slowly from the northern coast of Venezuala along the east coast of the United States, many people witnessed the extreme forces brought about by Hurricane Mathew. Sadly, not … Continue reading Hurricane?!?

Whose Fault is it Anyway?

The Sulamuni temple (Bagan, Myanmar) surrounded by clouds of dust as the force of the Earthquake moves the ground beneath. (Hersher, R., 2016)   The recently publicized 6.8 magnitude Earthquake, on August 24th, in Myanmar (Burma) reminds us, once again, of the shear power that is released in tectonically active regions when Earth’s plates interact. The epicenter of this … Continue reading Whose Fault is it Anyway?

Why We Care About Oxygen

It’s finally here, the first Climate Aware post, and I’m wondering what kind of science-y stuff I should talk about. I’m thinking Oxygen; it’s kind of important right? I mean, we need it to survive, but it also tries to slowly kill us, which is why our bodies need antioxidants (think blueberries). But what else … Continue reading Why We Care About Oxygen